3D0616039AB Dunlop air strut VW Phaeton front axle right with ADS

Installation location:
Front axle right

Replaces the following OEM components:
3D0616040L, 3D0616040M, 3D0616040P
3W0616040, 3W7616040, 3D0616001H
3D0616002J, 3D0616039P, 3D0616039Q
3D0616040, 3D0616040AA, 3D0616040AB
3D0616040AC, 3D0616040AD, 3D0616040G
3D0616040N, 3D0616040Q, 3D0616040S
3D0616040T, 3D5616040, 3D7616040, 3W5616040

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