When is an air suspension defective?

The typical fault pattern of a defective air spring is always leakage.

This can be quickly recognised when the vehicle is no longer in balance, e.g. when it is parked overnight and you look the next morning. In most cases, a one-sided lower vehicle height can be detected.
This is the result of various environmental and ageing factors or high usage factors.
Dirt deposited in the roll fold of the air spring can quickly lead to cracks or even holes in the bellows. Excessive heat can also strain the stability of the bellows walls. If your vehicle is still equipped with the first air springs after well over 100,000 km, material fatigue is not surprising. The rubber becomes cracked and leads to leakage. Also, an unintended, incorrect ride height (too low / too high) can lead to the bellows being stressed unnecessarily and thus cause cracks to form in the rubber fabric.

Apart from conspicuous symptoms - such as hissing noises resulting from escaping air - there are also other indicators of a defective air spring. The leakage can be easily and quickly identified with a soap solution or leakage spray. While there is still air pressure in the air spring bellows, brush or spray the air spring components and check whether there are more air bubbles. Leaks in the air lines from the compressor to the spring bellows are also possible.

If the air spring is defective and you decide to replace it, however, many installation instructions must be observed. If these are not observed, a new defect of the spring bellows is pre-programmed!
  •     Air springs must not be installed in a distorted state!
  •     It is also essential to observe the target pressure specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer
  •     Never let the vehicle leave the lift without a set pressure!
  •     Cut old air pipes only at a 90° angle, ideally with special tools
  •     Pay attention to the small parts supplied with the air spring (Voss valves, sealing ring holders, sealing rings, washers etc.) and replace them with

So find out in detail about the installation regulations for your vehicle model, or rely on the expertise of your specialist workshop.
Some manufacturers even offer installation instructions including videos, which are highly recommended for repair work.

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