3D0616039AB Dunlop air strut VW Phaeton front axle right with ADS

Product no.: DAS10085-1

Are you looking for a high-quality replacement for your defective air strut, but don't want to carry horrendous sums in contract workshops? Then we have the optimal product for you!

The air strut offered by Dunlop Systems is used for the VW Phaeton on the front axle.
Through close cooperation with major vehicle manufacturers, Dunlop has successfully delivered and integrated systems worldwide.
With this product you get an ideal alternative to the original part.

VW Phaeton

Year of construction:
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Installation location:
Front axle right

Replaces the following OEM components:
3D0616040L, 3D0616040M, 3D0616040P
3W0616040, 3W7616040, 3D0616001H
3D0616002J, 3D0616039P, 3D0616039Q
3D0616040, 3D0616040AA, 3D0616040AB
3D0616040AC, 3D0616040AD, 3D0616040G
3D0616040N, 3D0616040Q, 3D0616040S
3D0616040T, 3D5616040, 3D7616040, 3W5616040

IAM Reference: DAS10085

We strongly recommend the exchange of both sides, only in this way can a safe and long-lasting function be guaranteed!
Please compare the OE numbers with your old air spring in advance.

Your advantages:
Made in Great Britain
Quality tested for durability and safety
Much cheaper than Genuine price
Cheaper than an offer from an authorised workshop
Can be combined with original accessories such as hoses or plugs
2 years warranty

More about Dunlop:
Dunlop has been manufacturing air suspension components for over 50 years.
At Dunlop, all production stages, such as design, validation and manufacture, take place in one facility. Each component has been developed specifically for its application.
Dunlop components are robust, durable and fully proven.
Dunlop now produces over 200,000 air springs per year for a wide range of applications.
With many years of experience and a focus on the ideal adaptation of the product, Dunlop products achieve optimum comfort in the vehicle.


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3D0616039AB Dunlop air strut VW Phaeton front axle right with ADS