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APART offers the whole portfolio of products in the area of air suspension technology – from air suspension supply units, air suspension compressors to air springs, air bellows or even accessories as valve blocks, relays, filters and installation manuals.
Due to our commitment to quality you can only find original quality from OEM manufacturers as AMK, Wabco and others, as these products are as OEM goods also supplied to renowned
manufactures from the automobile industry as Audi, BMW, Citroen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, VW and others. Only OEM products assure safety as well as durability, as you are legit to expect from these safety-relevant chassis parts. We do not accept compromises and therefore do not offer our customers inferior goods from China, as many competitors do.  On the basis of our market positioning we are able to provide you with these high-value products for a very attractive price, which some times is 50 % less compared to the ones from the automobile manufacturers.


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Highest customer satisfaction ranks first! This is what our motivated team based in northern Germany aims for every day. Our team consists of colleagues with several decades of accumulated industry know-how.  As a result, we are convinced to consult you in the best possible way!
Our own expectation ist o offer our customer base new highest-quality products on a regular basis. That’s why we are constantly working on adding new OE-quality products to our online shop. Our product range of OEM manufacturers as AMK, Wabco and others demonstrates our philosophy of combining German premium quality with competitive and reasonable pricing for our customers. Moreover, we offer our customers a warranty of 2 years on items. For the delivery of our products we cooperate together with the leading logistics providers DHL and UPS.
This enables a quick delivery of your air suspension products in which you can trust!

Welcome at APART - your air suspension specialist

Our wide product portfolio in the field of air spring technology offers you all the necessary items to repair your vehicle.
However, to carry out a successful and sustainable vehicle repair in the field of air spring technology, it is important to note and comply with some important information.

Notes on the repair of air spring compressors or air spring systems:

- Read the manufacturer's instructions and service instructions and proceed accordingly

- Identify the cause of the failure of the compressor
  1. Entry of dirt or moisture into the compressor (very common cause)
  • An indicator of this is e.g. Rust and dirt deposits on the intake manifold of the compressor and often loud noises of the compressor before failure.
  • The cause of this may have been a porous or defective suction hose, a no longer functioning air filter or, in exceptional cases, a drive through too deep water.
  • Check the intake hose when replacing the compressor and replace it if necessary .. (However, please do not use any grease, oil or similar to make it easier to get the hose on the intake manifold!)
  • You should generally replace the air filter with the replacement of the compressor, as well as some manufacturers such AMK is strongly recommended or required.
  1. Faulty work relay
  • An overload of the compressor e.g. Leakage can lead to failure or invisible damage to the relay.
  • Change the relay with the new compressor. The replacement of the relay is required by all vehicle manufacturers when replacing the compressor!
  • Be sure to change the correct relay. Since the relays look similar, the danger is great to replace the wrong relay.
  1. No longer functional damping of the compressor
  • The cause of increased running noise may be the damage to the compressor (Pkt 1) itself, but it may also be caused by a no longer functioning damnping of the compressor,
  • If necessary, also change the rubbers and springs of the suspension.
  1.  Leakage of the air spring system (most common cause)
  • Check the system for leaks each time the compressor is repaired.
  • It is best to use the manufacturer's analysis program for this purpose. If you do not have an analysis program of the vehicle manufacturer, press the system or the system components individually or search for the leakage with soapy water.
  • An indicator in which area there is a leak gives you the 24 hrs test. For this, note the height at the fenders of the air-assisted wheels of the leveled vehicle. Do it again after 24 hours rest of the vehicle. The leaky circle will lead to a sagging of the vehicle here.
  • After identifying the leakage, replace the faulty components.
  • Make sure after the repair that the system is now absolutely leakproof, otherwise the new compressor will be damaged immediately.

In order to ensure a safe operation of the new compressor and not to endanger the warranty of the new compressor by incorrect installation or failure of the cause of failure of the old compressor, please consider the above mentioned. Hints.
These measures ensure the long life of your new compressor

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